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Every year for the past eighteen years, The Urban Farm has run our annual Fruit Tree Program serving our friends in the general Phoenix, Arizona area with it's unique climate for growing fruit. The fruit trees and bushes listed in this program are specifically selected to thrive in the desert southwest.   This past year we expanded to open our General Store which offers amendments and a few other gardening and orcharding tools to help our Urban Farmers and occasionally we will add a local workshop on a gardening skill.  

The annual program has two main Phases - the Pre-order, and the Nursery Pick-up.  Preorders start in August/September, and run about a week into January.  Then the Nursery pick-ups start in January for deciduous trees and late February for citrus.  We recommend you order early for the best price and availability, but please check back later to see what extras we have added.  IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you plan on picking up your trees early in the pick-up phase at the Nursery, as the sooner you get the trees into their permanent homes the better.

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We do NOT ship or deliver trees.
THE PICK UP/NURSERY ADDRESS: 4549 N 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85014
We are ONLY open on select weekend days during January - March.

For more information on the Fruit Tree Program including our
FREE classes or our UPDATED PICK-UP dates and location, click HERE.