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Bio-Compatible Soaps

Oasis Bio-compatible soaps are designed and tested to be bio compatible with both plants and soil, as well as for the disposal of treated wastewater in aquatic ecosystems. It is the best choice for septic tank disposal and the only choice for reusing wash water for irrigating plants-the most ecological alternative. Disposed of in a septic tank or grey-water system, microorganisms and plant roots will naturally biodegrade Oasis. 

January 2018 Update:
We are currently taking orders to place a large group purchase. 

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4 gallons Oasis Biocompatible Dish Soap - Local PU Only
Next pick-up is in mid-February -- Pick-up at Nursery
4 gallons Oasis BioCompatible Laundry Soap - Local PU Only
Next pick-up is mid-February -- Pick-up at Nursery