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Chlorine Filter for Shower

Chlorine Filter for Shower

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The Water Filter for your Shower.

You care about what you are eating, you take care of your health.  So why are you still showering with chlorinated water?  The Premium Shower Filter removes chlorine, is easy to install and fits all standard shower faucets.

An ingenious patented mixture of zinc and copper, called KDF-55, and crystal quartz converts chlorine into zinc chloride. Zinc is considered to be helpful in alleviating dandruff and is used in anti-dandruff shampoos. Not only are chlorine, odors and dirt particles filtered out, the Premium Shower Filter also inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungus, algae and mildew. Because chlorine vaporizes along with the hot water, it is inhaled into the lungs and is also absorbed into the skin. The benefits are many when chlorine is eliminated from your shower water: 

  • Smoother skin that is more moist and less itchy
  • Healthier hair – longer lasting color for dyed and highlighted hair
  • Elimination of chlorine odor from skin and hair
  • Prevents the inhalation of chlorine gas and its absorption into skin
  • Stops burning around the eyes of chlorine-sensitive people
  • 5 to 7 days are required for skin and hair to regain their natural balance 

On average, the filter cartridge will last about one year. Initially, the filter will remove 98% of the chlorine. Over time, the removal percentage declines until it is at about 87% after one year. Annual cartridge replacement is recommended for optimum efficiency.

The Premium Shower Filter housing is warranted for one year from date of purchase for defects or cracks.
The filter cartridge is warranted for one year from any manufacturing malfunction. The useful life of the filter cartridge varies depending on water conditions and usage and therefore cannot be under warranty for usage.

References on the dangers of chlorine:

  • Chlorine and your Shower "Volatile organics can evaporate from water in a shower or bath." - from: Is Your Water Safe to Drink? Consumer Reports Books 
  • "A long, hot shower can be dangerous. The toxic chemicals are inhaled in high concentrations." -from: Bottom Line; Dr. John Andelman, PhD. 
  •  "Water is chlorinated to kill microorganisms, but the Chlorine also kills the healthy probiotic bacteria in the intestines." - from: Restoring Your Digestive Health; Jordan S. Rubin, N.MD., PhD. 
  • "Avoiding contact with chlorinated water is of the utmost importance. This includes bathing water and drinking water. Chlorine kills bacteria, friendly and unfriendly, in the intestines. it can be absorbed through the skin. I recommend installing a shower filter to remove Chlorine." - from: Patient, Heal Thyself; Jordan S. Rubin, N.

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