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Date Palm, Medjool

Date Palm, Medjool

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Bare root, Female, True type
Originally from Morocco, Medjools are also grown in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the Palestinian Territories, and have become the second most commonly-grown commercial variety in the US. Medjools are often called the Cadillac of dates due to their large size, general attractiveness, sweetness and succulence. Medjool palms fruit well in Phoenix.

Date palms in general must have full sun to survive. They will grow in all warm climates where the temperature rarely falls to 20°F (-6.67°C). Date palms can tolerate long periods of drought, but for heavy bearing they have a high water requirement. Date palms thrive in sand, sandy loam, clay and other heavy soils. They need good drainage and aeration, and are remarkably tolerant of alkalinity. A moderate degree of salinity is not harmful but excessive salt will stunt growth and lower the quality of the fruit.

To have a successful relocation of this tree we recommend establishment and maintenance of a wet to dry, wet to dry cycle in the top 24” of soil.  The biggest “problem causing” issue with Medjool’s on site is too much water long term. Where the surface stays constantly wet, Medjool’s will not do well. If your site is constantly wet at the surface, you are better off selecting a different species. A high water table that reaches up to 24” below the surface is not a problem with this species; issues only occur if the water table is within 24” of the surface.