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Deluxe Kit

Deluxe Kit

On sale: $70.00
Everything to start a tree for one year
-- Pick-up at Nursery
Part Number:GSB-D

This Bundle Includes:

Tree Planting Kit
Planting Success Kit (1 item)
Fertilizing Kit - Minerals
Fertilizing Kit - Fertilizer
Organic Fertilizer
Fertilizing Kit - Castings
2 bags Farmer Greg's Planting Mix
2 bags Tree Well Top Mulch

Sold as =

8 bags (4 large, 4 small)

Special Note =

Takes care of 1 tree or 2 bushes/vines for 1st year
Starter & maintenance amendments, planting mix & top mulch.

This is the complete package of what every tree needs it's first year.

Greg teaches that the best way to care for your fruit tree is to make sure it gets a good hole with healthy soil, sufficient mulch, proper watering, and several feedings of good nutrients to the soil to keep it healthy.  We recommend 4 times a year that you give your trees the right amendments and at the right times of the year.  This is the package for one established fruit tree to get through a year in our desert.

Our Deluxe Kit: 
To make this as easy as possible, we've put together this perfect package for one tree (or two bushes/vines).
Start off with the best ingredients to plant your trees: 2 bags of planting mix, the Planting Success Kit prepackaged mix of amendments, and some native soil.
Then cover the basin with the 2 bags of top mulch. 
Then 4 times a year apply the ingredients of the Year of Care Kit.


·         Bare-root and citrus trees: - 1 Deluxe Kit
Small potted trees (Figs, Olives and other 1-gallon trees) - ½ of a Deluxe Kit
Small potted bushes and vines - ½ of a Deluxe Kit

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