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Local Fruit Tree Program

This is a TWO-part program where: FIRST... We take pre-orders in the fall to get the best tree selection and quantity from our grower, and THEN... we open our nursery lot for the pick up of trees and supplies.  ALL Items in this program are PICK-UP ONLY.  

TREE pick-up:  All 
Deciduous trees, bushes & vines are picked up in January.  
All Citrus trees are picked up by last weekend of active program, usually in mid-March.
Soils & Supplies are available on General Store Saturdays, and at some events.
Go HERE for local Pick-up details.
  • Fruit Tree Nursery Fruit Tree Nursery
    ~~ Trees, bushes, and vines we know are the best ones for the Southwest Desert ~~
  • General Store General Store
    ~~ Soils, amendments, water devices, tools, & other supplies ~~