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Part Number:UFU-WB-2
  • WORKSHOP:In-Person Workshop
  • Build-Your-Own :Materials included
  • Starts at:Date and Time to be determined

A hands-on workshop where you will learn how to build your own worm bins.

With the increased awareness of worm castings benefits for your fruit trees and gardens, there is a growing interest in setting up home vermi composting bins.  We looked into offering some at the Fruit Tree Program and decided they were a bit pricey so we were on the hunt for a reasonable and functional alternative. We found it through our friend Hassena Kassim, "The Worm Whisperer" who shared her economical and time tested design. She talks about these simple bins in her classes on vermi composting, and we got her permission to teach this at the Fruit Tree Program this year.

In this workshop you will gain the skills to build your own bins at a fraction of the cost of the manufactured bins being sold online.  Estimated time needed:  45 minutes - 1 hour. 

You will get the following:

Supplies for one complete Worm Bin including:

  • One large plastic bin with lid
  • Vents and screens
  • Worm Bedding
  • Starter set of worms.

In addition you will have access to the online recording of the Worm Composting Webinar. This webinar has instructions and tips for starting and maintaining your own vermi composting bin, including special tips for maintaining a bin in the Phoenix desert.

  • The workshop will be held at the Urban Farm Nursery location on a date and time to be determined
  • Class fee covers up to two people

The Fruit Tree Warehouse

4549 N 7th St
Phoenix, AZ 85014

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