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Year of Care - Tree Fertilizing Kit

Year of Care - Tree Fertilizing Kit

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Tree Fertilizing Kit
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This Bundle Includes:

5 Lbs Worm Castings
Organic Fertilizer
5 lbs Organic Fertilizer

Sold as =

3 bags at 5lbs each

Special Note =

Takes care of 1 tree or 2 bushes/vines for 1 year
Special NEW ITEM!

Maintenance amendment mix
We know that taking care of a tree is a rewarding commitment. 

Greg teaches that the best way to care for your fruit tree is to make sure it gets a good hole with healthy soil, sufficient mulch, proper watering, and several feedings of good nutrients to the soil to keep it healthy.  We recommend 4 times a year that you give your trees the right amendments and at the right times of the year.  This is the package for one established fruit tree to get through a year in our desert. (New trees should also get mycorrhizae when planted).

Our Urban Farm's Yearly Care Kit: 
Just what you need for 1 fruit tree: 5lbs AZOMITE, 5 lbs Worm Castings, and 5 lbs Organic Fertilizer. 
This is Greg's recommendation of soil amendments to divide up and apply to the soil four times a year!

We also recommend adding 2 bags Tree-Well Top Mulch each year to make sure you keep that mulch blanket nice and thick.


·         Bare-root and citrus trees: - 1 Year of Care Kit
Small potted trees (Figs, Olives and other 1-gallon trees) - ½ of Year of Care Kit
Small potted bushes and vines - ½ of Year of Care Kit

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