Aquaponics Revealed

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Special Note = The course is comprised of 7 weekly webinars, 1 1/2 hours each.

Have you heard about the aquaponics revolution?! It has the power to eliminate world hunger, eradicate America's health crisis and deliver the food control back into the hands of the people. The best part about this revolution is that it starts in your backyard.  We are the solution.  By simply partaking in backyard gardening, we can grow this movement to put the power back into the hands of We the People when it comes to our food quality and supply.  

Avoid the toxins lurking in our food and the nutritional void now found in our vegetables by growing and controlling your own backyard garden using a technique called aquaponics.  These fish powered gardens are amazing little ecosystems.  Discover how simple and powerful it is to raise your own fresh fish while growing beautiful vegetables at the same time. We will ease into what these systems are and how they work, then take it to the next level.  By the end of this course you will have the knowledge and confidence to operate your own backyard aquaponic system. Join us in this incredible food revolution! Chad Hudspeth


Why Aquaponics Revealed?

Aquaponics Revealed is about educating as many people as possible about aquaponics and how to operate their own backyard food system by growing healthy, clean fish and plants together in a simple ecosystem.

There is an ever-growing number of people that are discovering aquaponics but unfortunately much of the information on the web is either false or conflicting. Chad Hudspeth shares his insight into real world experience in designing and testing many different techniques as well as what he has learned about the overall concept.  

Chad is the founder of Endless Food Systems, a manufacturing company of plug-and-play aquaponic kits. They have built several 100 systems to date which are in operation all over the USA and Puerto Rico.  In this course, you will be able to glean valuable information on operating your own system through the thousands of hours of research and real world experience that Chad and his team have now perfected.


What You Will Learn

Aquaponics Revealed will teach you the mechanics and basic principles of how an aquaponic system works and the best way to operate your own backyard setup.  

We will cover the main parts and pieces of what makes up a system and show you some of the best designs that are proven to work. We will get into water quality and how to easily balance pH levels, often automatically.  

You will learn the importance of using composting worms, trace minerals and worm tea in a system to keep it operating at its maximum potential.  We will also share some of the very best insect control methods that are aquaponic safe and completely organic.

After working through the major elements, you will even learn the specific details of how to maintain a system on a regular basis using very easy strategies that will keep your system operating at peak performance.  We will also share many secrets concerning how to start seedlings and maximize your aquaponic “real estate”.


Why It’s So Important

The world we live in has become extremely separated from its food sources. In less than 100 years, our society has changed from a small town agriculture-based system to mega cities where most children have never even seen a cow. 

Within this change, our food has also become industrialized and is very different from what it was 100 years ago. The introduction of pesticides and herbicides in the 1940s and more recently genetically modified seeds have truly tarnished our food not to mention the excessive processing and additives that now go into it. It is probably not a coincidence that in just a few decades the general health of our population now suffers from all kinds of issues that were not even known of 50 years ago.

By growing our own food, we can take back the control of what is or is NOT in or on it.  We can also get back to nature and teach our children and grandchildren what real food is and how it is produced. Understanding and growing your own food is empowering and extremely satisfying not to mention the outstanding flavor that mineral-rich vegetables contain!

Lastly, by sharing the knowledge of aquaponic gardening, we can play a large role in equipping the rest of the world to be able to feed itself. If a family is able to produce a large part of their food from a small plot in their backyard, they are no longer dependent on their government or other nations for their survival.  

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