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Artichokes, Jerusalem - Bag of tubers

Artichokes, Jerusalem - Bag of tubers

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Small tubers, ready to plant.
A hardy, widely adapted perennial, Jerusalem artichokes grow best in well-drained soil with a near-neutral pH of about 7.0. Locate your crop in full sun but behind smaller vegetables, because the 10-foot-tall plants cast ample afternoon shade. A 5-by-5-foot bed (located outside the garden, where its perimeter can be easily mowed) is ideal for this exuberant crop. A 25-square-foot planting can produce more than 100 pounds of harvested tubers.

Plant small, whole tubers in early spring, or as late as you’d plant tomatoes. To get Jerusalem artichokes with big roots, give plants the longest growing season possible. After the first year, small tubers you missed while harvesting will usually shoot up sufficient plants to form a good crop.

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