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Blackberry, Black Satin (S+)
Black Satin Blackberry

Blackberry, Black Satin (S+)

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  • Sold as:Potted, 4" x 4" x 9" container
  • Chill Hours:Hardy to 15 degrees below 0
  • Fertility:(S+) = Self-fruitful, but better with a companion variety
  • Projected Harvest:July
  • Available:Local Pick up ONLY.

Black Satin Blackberry is a very productive, vigorous plant with large, firm, berries which have a sweet, delicious flavor. It is one of the easiest fruits to grow at home.  It will require some support for its limber, self trailing vines.  It is a midseason producer, with crops ready in July in most areas.  These berries are a favorite for jams, jellies, pies and just eating fresh.  They keep well.  This variety is self pollinating, but are more productive when planted with another variety.  Hardy to 15 degrees below 0 (and if we ever get that here in Phoenix your blackberries will be the last thing you are thinking about).

Can grow as a bush or a vine.

Note: We will likely have both thornless and thorned (small) varieties in January.

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