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Blackberry, Black Satin Thornless (S+)
Black Satin Blackberry

Blackberry, Black Satin Thornless (S+)

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Potted, 4" x 4" x 9" container

Chill Hours =

Hardy to 15 degrees below 0

Fertility =

(S+) = Self-fruitful, but better with a companion variety

Projected Harvest =


Black Satin Blackberry is a very productive, vigorous plant with large, firm, berries which have a sweet, delicious flavor.  It will require some support for its limber, self trailing vines.  It is a midseason producer, with crops ready in July in most areas.  These berries are a favorite for jams, jellies, pies and just eating fresh.  They keep well.  This is a self pollinating, but are more productive when planted with another variety.  Hardy to 15 degrees below 0 (and if you ever get that here in Phoenix your blackberries will be the last thing you are thinking about).

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