Blueberry, SOUTHMOON (E)
Blueberry, SOUTHMOON (E)

Blueberry, SOUTHMOON (E)

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Southmoon: A Southern Highbush blueberry with superb flavor.
Specifically picked for General Phoenix area by our Dave Wilson rep. Florida native with vigorous, upright character. Prefers light sandy soils. Recommend large containers for best results.
(E) Experimental. More details below.
Item#: DP-BerBlu-South
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Sold as = Potted, 4" x 4" x 9" container
Fertility = (S+) Extra yield with another variety
Projected Harvest = Mar-July
Special Note = (E) Experimental due to additional growing care (see description below)

SOUTHMOON - A Southern highbush. Specifically picked for the Phoenix Area by our Dave Wilson rep. Exceptional berries with superb flavor. Florida native with vigorous, upright character. Performs well in California, both inland and coastal. Prefers light sandy soils.  Recommend large containers for best results.

CAUTION - this is a heads-up that this product is an experiment in the Valley of the Sun. We have heard of people being successful with blueberries and by following the directions below this will significantly increase your chances of success.

Check out this link on Dave Wilson's website for more detailed info -

So here is what you need to know about blueberries before you press the go button. They are experimental and you will need to grow them in a pot. Here are your directions:

  • The soil in your pot needs to be:
    • 1/3 peat
    • 1/3 ground forest bark
    • 1/3 of a porous media - pearllite, pumice or sand based potting soil
  • Use a Humic Acid based fertilizer Tom likes the product called Gro Power Flower & Bloom 3-12-12.
  • Feed your Blueberries every two months (Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct).
  • They need to be containerized in a large container of at least 30 gallon capacity.
  • Put all 3 varieties in 1 container.
  • MUST be well drained and must kept acidic!
  • Partial shade to most sun with shade in the mid to late afternoon.

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