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Early Bird - 15 GALLON CITRUS Price Lock

Early Bird - 15 GALLON CITRUS Price Lock

On sale: $105.00
Price lock during Early Bird Season.
Local pick up.
  • Sold as:A Special Price Lock certificate that can be redeemed for citrus trees later.
  • Available:Selection will start in December/January. Pick Up in February.

This Selection:

Early Bird Citrus Bundle Price Lock
One tree ($120 Value)
Two trees ($240 Value)
Three trees ($360 Value)
Four trees ($480 Value)


This is the chance to lock in an Early Bird pricing for 15 gallon Citrus Trees.  We won't have a confirmed list of available trees until December or January but we just can't help ourselves with our Early Bird deals.
So, we are offering a price lock during our Early Bird season and once we have a confirmed list of 15-gallon citrus trees, we will let you choose from the whole list!  

This special price is only available during the Early Bird season which ends on November 3rd, 2018.  
We will send you an email to let you know when the Citrus Section opens up. 

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