Early Bird Bundle - PEACHES!

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On sale: $156.00 $126.00
Retail Price:$174.00
You Save:$48.00(28%)
January Pick-up
Item#: EB-5
Availability: Pre-order during Early Bird season only. Shipping not an option.

This Selection:

Get one each of the Desert Gold, Mid-Pride, & Tropic Snow Peach trees
and SAVE an additional $30 off Early Bird Pricing. 

This special is only available during the Early Bird Pricing sale which ends on November 2nd, 2019. 
This is available as long as there is stock available for ALL THREE varieties. NO SUBSTITUTIONS.

If you bought all three of these at regular lot cost the total would be $174, on sale here during the Early Bird as a bundle for a savings of $48.00 over all

Desert Gold (May)--Mid-Pride (early to mid-June)--Tropic Snow (mid-June)

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