Fowl Play: Your Guide to Keeping Chickens in the City

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Raising backyard chickens is an extension of an urban farming movement that has gained popularity nationwide. 
Why should you raise chickens in your backyard?  Think fresh eggs, the thrill of the daily Egg Hunt, and the chickens tilling your soil, eating food scraps, weeds, seeds, bugs and providing great fertilizer.

Everyone who has even a postage-stamp-size yard can easily raise chickens. They are easy to keep, quieter than your neighborhood dog, eat your food scraps and give you something to eat just about every day.  And, they are natural composters. 

Anyone can do roosters required.  From raising chicks and constructing a coop, to the daily care and feeding, Rachel Bess & Greg guide you step by step through all the facets of keeping your own chickens.

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