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Grape - White, Princess

Grape - White, Princess

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  • Sold as:Potted, 4" x 4" x 9" container
  • Fertility:Self-Fertile
  • NOTE:Needs cover
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Princess is a mid- to late-mid season white seedless table grape .The cultivar produces large, greenish white berries that ripen in early to mid July. The harvest period is just ahead of, or about the same time as, Thompson Seedless. Clusters are conical with small to medium shoulders, and generally less compact than Thompson Seedless. Berry shape is generally cylindrical or similar to table Thompson Seedless, although berry size may be greater with cultural practices. The berries are firm and have a slight floral or muscat character when fully mature. Princess is a vigorous-growing grape and should have plenty of cover to protect it from sun exposure.

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