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Grow Wherever You Go, Discover Where Your Garden Lives

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The fourth in the Urban Farm Press' Simple Sustainability Series, this exploration of where and how you can grow food will completely transform your thoughts about gardening.  Be it inside or out, on a balcony or roof top, you will be inspired to grow wherever you ARE!

Where does YOUR garden live?

No matter where you live you can grow something to eat. Shift your thinking and you’d be surprised at the places your food can be grown! Windowsill, fire escape and rooftop gardens have the same potential to provide impressive harvests as backyard gardens, greenhouses and community spaces. 

Grow Wherever You Go helps you explore and discover just where your garden lives. So whether you choose to grow a few herbs, or work your way toward creating an entire edible landscape, the process is simpler and more deliciously rewarding than you can imagine. Be creative…discover where your garden lives!

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