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Holiday Tree Special
Holiday Special Bundle - Pick your own tree

Holiday Tree Special

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Retail Price:$120.00
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A complete package - pick up in January.

This Selection:

Choose your Bare Root Tree:
Apple, Anna* (S+)
Apple, Dorsett Golden*
Apricot, Katy*
Apricot, Gold Kist*
Peach, Desert Gold*
Peach, Eva's Pride
Peach, Earligrande
Peach, Flordaprince
Peach, May Pride
Peach, Mid-Pride*
Peach Miniature, Bonanza
Peach, Tropic Snow*
Quince, Pineapple
Pluerry, Sweet Treat (+)
Plum, Beauty
Plum Methley
Plum, Santa Rosa
If your order stalls, please choose another tree.
Starter Amendment
Single Tree Kit
Greg's Mix
2 Bags Planting Mix
Top Mulch
4 bags Tree Well Top Mulch
Give the Gift on Ongoing Giving

  • Your choice of bare root deciduous tree,
  • a set of soil starter amendments (1 lb Azomite, 1 lb Worm Castings and 1 oz Mycorhizae)
  • 2 bags Greg's Mix
  • and 4 bags Top Mulch.

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