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Protect the Roots of your Trees!

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Greg highly recommends a good 6-8 inches of woody mulch or wood chips in the basin around the tree and covering the soil that covers your tree roots.
This mulch is what you put on top of the soil, inside the tree well, to give your tree a security blanket. This layer will provide: protection from temperature extremes, nutrients for the soil and tree, and help retain needed moisture. Ideal depth is 6-8 inches. 2-3 bags per tree is a great start.


·Bare-root and citrus trees: - minimum of 4 cubic feet each - as much as 9.
·Small potted trees (Figs, Olives and other 1-gallon trees) - 2 cubic feet each.
·Small potted bushes and vines - 1.5 cubic feet each.

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