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Jujube, Contorted (S+)
Contorted Jujube

Jujube, Contorted (S+)

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SOLD OUT for this season.
  • Sold as:Bare root
  • Chill Hours:150 below 45°F
  • Fertility:(S+) Partially self-fruitful, pollenization assist by Lang
  • Projected Harvest:End of August
  • Available:Local Pick up ONLY.
Contorted Jujube: Also know as Chinese date. Interesting ornamental form: twisted, contorted branching.
Round-shaped edible fruits similar to Li. Fruits reddish-brown when ripe, eaten firm and crunchy or room-dried to date-like chewy sweetness. Early fall harvest. Attractive, easy-to-grow tree: hardy, drought resistant, virtually pest and disease free. Requires long, hot summer. Very low chilling requirement.

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