Kei Apples #5
Kei Apple

Kei Apples #5

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The Kei apple tree is a sub-tropical, evergreen with fruit that is rounded and petite. When ripe the tough skin of the Kei apple turns from green to yellow- orange and boasts a fuzzy coat, similar to that of a peach. Similar to an apricot, the flesh surrounds two rings of central seeds and can contain 5-15 seeds total. 

The Kei apple is known for its large, tasty apricot-coloured fruit, which is rich in vitamin C and can be eaten fresh or made into delicious jams or preserves. Its flavor is extremely acidic and many people add sugar to consume. The tree has gnarly thorns which make it difficult to harvest. Drought-tolerant and suitable for xeriscaping with a normal water schedule. Plants bear fruit in 4-5 years from seed.

Plant in well-drained soil in sun or partial shade and water well to establish, after which it can be regarded as water-wise. Is drought and wind resistant. 

The thorns on this bush make it an excellent security hedge option when planted 3-4 feet apart and trimmed regularly.  

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