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Kumquat, Meiwa - 15 Gallon

Kumquat, Meiwa - 15 Gallon

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Potted, 15 gallon

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Tolerates sub-freezing

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Late winter
Meiwa kumquat, Fortunella crassifolia, is a lesser-known species of kumquat. The tree is similar to the Nagami kumquat in appearance. As with Nagami, Meiwa trees are semi-dormant in winter, allowing them to withstand temperatures below freezing. The flowering season is in summer, and the fruits mature in late winter. The almost-round fruits are orange at maturity, up to one and one-half inches in diameter. The sweet rind is thicker than the rind of Nagami, making it seem sweeter than Nagami. The flesh is light orange, contains a few seeds, and is acidic.

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