Kumquat, Nagami - #05
Kumquat, Nagami - #05

Kumquat, Nagami - #05

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The Nagami kumquat is a slow growing large shrub or small tree with an overall rounded shape and dense evergreen foliage. It is unusual in the citrus family because the skin is edible. In fact, the skin is the sweet part of the fruit and is sometimes the only thing eaten. The flesh is juicy but very sour and acidic, similar to the flavor of a lemon.

The Nagami kumquat is among the most cold tolerant of all citrus However, the fruit tends to be sweeter when it is grown in warmer environments.

Nagami Kumquat has white, fragrant flowers which are similar in appearance to other citrus flowers. Nagami Kumquat trees almost always bloom in the summer but the plant has a tendency to flower periodically throughout the year. The small orange fruit make the plant very ornamental. It is also very prolific. The Nagami Kumquat is used in Bonsai and is definitely suitable for large pots.

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