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Lemon, Improved Meyer - 24 inch Box

Lemon, Improved Meyer - 24 inch Box

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24" Box requiring special transport
The Improved Meyer Lemon tree is moderately vigorous and cold hardy, shrubby, and relatively small in size at maturity. Meyer Lemon flowers intermittently throughout the year, but mostly during the spring. It makes an attractive garden tree.

Meyer lemons are medium-sized, short-elliptical, and have a smooth, thin, yellow-orange rind. The flesh is light orange-yellow, moderately seedy, juicy, and acidic. The aroma and flavor of Meyer Lemon is distinctive and many find it especially desirable. Original Meyer Lemon introductions were symptom-less carriers of the citrus tristeza virus (CTV), the "Improved" Meyer Lemon means they are virus-free. All Meyer lemons sold today are free of CTV.

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