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Lime, Bearss Seedless - 15 Gallon

Lime, Bearss Seedless - 15 Gallon

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Potted, 15 gallon

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More cold hardy than Mexican Lime

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Late Fall to Winter
Bearss limes are also known as Tahitian or Persian limes. They are larger than Mexican limes, approximately 2” to 2.5” inches in diameter, and have a thin, smooth, light yellow rind at full maturity. The seedless flesh is pale greenish-yellow, acidic, juicy and finely-textured. Once Persian limes reach full maturity, usually late autumn to early winter, they drop from the tree. They are the most commonly cultivated lime species for commercial use, and account for the largest share of the fruits sold as limes.

Bearss lime trees will typically grow to be approximately 20 feet tall and will produce fruit in the late fall or early winter. The nearly-thornless trees grow vigorously to a medium-large size with a spreading form and have white blossoms. Persian lime trees are more cold-hardy than Mexican lime trees and do well in areas where lemons are successfully grown.

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