Lime, Mexican Thornless* - #15
Lime, Mexican Thornless* - #15

Lime, Mexican Thornless* - #15

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Item#: CP-Lim-MexT-15
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Sold as = Potted, #15
Chill Hours = Sensitve to cold
Projected Harvest = Fall to Winter, although somewhat everbearing
*One of Greg's favorite trees!
The Mexican Lime is known by many names including Key lime, Bartender's lime, and West Indian lime. It is by far the most popular lime tree in North America. The fruits are small, approximately 1 1/2 inches in diameter and nearly round. They have a thin, smooth, greenish-yellow rind that is particularly fragrant. Once Mexican limes reach full maturity, usually in fall to early winter, they drop from the tree.

The Mexican Lime tree is medium in size, spreading and bushy with numerous willowy, fine-stemmed branches. Its foliage is dense and consists of small, pale green, blunt-pointed leaves. The trees are somewhat ever-bearing but their main crop comes in the winter (or earlier in very hot climates). Mexican lime trees are sensitive to cold. Flowering occurs throughout the year but mainly in the spring and late summer. The blossoms are pure white and fragrant.

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