Mandarin, Tango -5 Gallon

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Tango mandarins are deeply oblate in shape with no neck. The fruit is medium sized for a mandarin with a very smooth, deep orange rind color. The rind is relatively thin and at maturity is easy to peel. The fruit interior has a fine texture with 9-10 segments.

Tango matures in winter (late January) and holds its fruit quality characteristics through April into May. Production is excellent. Like W. Murcott, trees of Tango have a tendency to overbear and therefore need to be regularly pruned to maintain good, not excessive production and to maintain fruit size. Tango grows vertically when young, producing ~four vertical branches that need to be pruned back at 2-3 years of age to about four feet in height. This helps form a more rounded crown and reduces limb breakage which will occur on these long 'leggy' branches. Ideally, Tango trees should then be top and side-pruned on a regular basis to maintain shorter branches more capable of supporting fruit loads.

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