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Multi Tree &  Garden Amendment Starter Bundle
Multi Tree & Garden Starter Bundle

Multi Tree & Garden Amendment Starter Bundle

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  • Available:Perfect combo for 5 fruit trees
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Starter amendment mix!
Helping your trees start off correctly is an important key to their success.
The health of new fruit trees is encouraged if their new hole is prepared correctly. Greg teaches how to do this in his classes and videos, and this is the mixture of ingredients that he recommends to start with for each new fruit tree. Be sure to read or watch those section about how to dig the hole.

Our Urban Farm Tree Planting Kit - Multi Tree and Garden Starter Bundle:
Just what you need to start 5 full-size Fruit Tree,10 small potted vines/bushes, or a decent size garden started off right: Mycorrhizae (5 ounces), AZOMITE (5 lbs), and Worm Castings (5 lbs).

Note: We also recommend 2 bags of Planting Mix, and minimum of 2 bags of Tree Well Top Mulch, for each new bare root or citrus tree.


·         Bare-root and citrus trees: - 1 single tree application 
·         Small potted trees (Figs, Olives and other 1-gallon trees) - ½ single tree application
Small potted bushes and vines - ½ single tree application

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