My Ordinary Extraordinary Yard

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From green living and sustainability innovator, Greg Peterson!   

The first in the Simple Sustainability Series, this insightful book about how Greg's Urban Farm came to be will inspire you to create your own urban farm. 

Creating an urban farm is as simple as planting your flowerbeds with edibles, and the payoff can include home grown food and a deeper connection to the earth. In this unique mini-book, Greg Peterson shares how his yard went from grass and hedges to his very own Urban Farm, full of vegetables and fruit trees with plenty to share. 

After discovering the concept of permaculture in the early '90's, Greg created a new concept called the Urban Farm in 2001.  A real world environmental showcase home in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, the Urban Farm features an entirely edible landscape, including over 70 fruit trees, rainwater and greywater harvesting, three solar applications, and extensive use of reclaimed and recycled building materials.  

Transforming a residential landscape into an edible delight is Greg's inspiration behind the Urban Farm.  The Urban Farm not only awakens the possibility to reconnect with the earth and agriculture in simple, practical ways, but it also nourishes the promise of a future that will sustain life for years to come.

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