Navel, Cara Cara Red* - #05
Navel, Cara Cara Red* - #05

Navel, Cara Cara Red* - #05

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*One of Greg's favorite trees!

One of the best navel oranges to grow in Arizona, Cara Cara produces medium-sized seedless fruit with deep orange skin, reddish-pink flesh and great navel flavor. The bright orange exterior of Cara Cara oranges is similar to other navels, but their interior is a distinctive pinkish red, has an exceptionally sweet flavor with a tangy cranberry-like zing, and they're seedless. Cara Caras, a cross between the Washington navel and the Brazilian Bahia navel, were first discovered in 1976 at Hacienda Cara Cara in Venezuela. The tree requires full sun and has a moderate growing habit, reaching up to 15 feet tall if left unpruned.

JUICING TIP: navels are great juicing oranges because they are seedless, however the juice cannot be stored as they have a compound called limonin which produces a bitter after taste over time.

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