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Orange, Moro Blood - 15 Gallon

Orange, Moro Blood - 15 Gallon

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Potted, 15 gallon
Moro Blood Orange is the most common of the pigmented oranges marketed in the United States. It is of relatively recent origin and is believed to be of Sicilian ancestry. The tree is of medium vigor and size, spreading and round-topped, and produces a generous harvest.

The fruits are medium to medium-large with few to no seeds. The rind is medium-thick, moderately adherent, and somewhat pebbled, developing a light pink blush or red streaks as the fruit matures on the tree. The flesh is deeply pigmented (almost violet-red) and juicy with a rich, pleasant flavor. Moro Blood ripens the earliest of the commercial blood oranges, but holds on the tree and keeps well.

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