Orange, Washington Navel - #05
Orange, Washington Navel - #05

Orange, Washington Navel - #05

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The Washington Navel Orange is also called the Bahia after the Brazilian city from which it was originally imported in 1870. Washington Navels are exceptionally delicious, seedless, and easy to peel. They are best when harvested in the late fall to winter months, but will hold on the tree for several months beyond maturity and also store well.

Navel orange trees in general, and Washington Navels in particular, are not very vigorous. They have a round, somewhat drooping canopy and grow to a moderate size at maturity. The flowers lack viable pollen so the Washington Navel will not pollinate other citrus trees. The "Parent" label refers to those trees propagated from stock grown by L. C. Tibbets in Riverside, California.

JUICING TIP: navels are great juicing oranges because they are seedless, however the juice cannot be stored as they have a compound called limonin which produces a bitter after taste over time.

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