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Pluerry, Sweet Treat (+)
Sweet Treat Pluerry

Pluerry, Sweet Treat (+)

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  • Sold as:Bare root, on Myro 29C
  • Chill Hours:450 below 45 degrees (See product description)
  • Fertility:(+) = Cross pollenates with Santa Rosa Plum or Burgundy
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  • Available:Local Pick up ONLY.

Sweet Treat is the first of its kind, the Pluerry™: a new fruit type from the genius of Floyd Zaiger. This taste-test favorite is a complex interspecific hybrid, predominantly of plum and cherry, combining the sweetness of a cherry with that summer fresh plum zing. Much larger than a cherry, this precocious and prolific variety will hang on the tree for over a month, and the colorful fruit make Sweet Treat a true ornamental.

CHILL HOURS: This variety is listed as needing 450 chill hours, however there is significant success reported with lower chill hours. The grower cannot list it at less hours until more studies are done, but is confident it will do well in our area.

The Sweet treat needs a Santa Rosa Plum for cross pollination.
Separate purchase only recommended if a Santa Rosa is already in the area. 
We recommend a Santa Rosa or a Weeping Santa Rosa Plum as a companion.

Additional Notes

1. Sweet Treat has an upright branching habit, with crotch angles of approximately 30º increasing with heavy crop load.
2. Sweet Treat Pluerry™, an interspecific plum, includes plum, cherry, peach and apricot in its parentage.

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