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Quince, Pineapple
Quince Pineapple

Quince, Pineapple

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Bare root, on Quince

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300, and Cold hardy

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August to September

A pome fruit like its apple and pear cousins, the quince is a traditional fruit in many cultures, with myriad uses. Heavy crops of large, tart fruit used in baking, jams, and jellies. Profuse, ornamental bloom.

The Pineapple Quince is popular for its firm aromatic white flesh with a delicious pineapple-like flavor. This large pear-shaped fruit has smooth, golden yellow skin that is good for fresh eating or for fine jellies. Pineapple quince makes a lovely landscaping tree, with rose-pink blooms and twisted branches for winter interest. The Pineapple Quince is self-fertile and ripens large crops of fruit by September. Cold hardy, yet low chilling requirement.

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