Quince, Pineapple
Quince Pineapple

Quince, Pineapple

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The Pineapple Quince
is popular for its firm aromatic white flesh with a delicious pineapple-like flavor. This large pear-shaped fruit has smooth, golden yellow skin that is good for fresh eating or for fine jellies. Pineapple quince makes a lovely landscaping tree, with rose-pink blooms and twisted branches for winter interest. The Pineapple Quince is self-fertile and ripens large crops of fruit by September. Cold hardy, yet low chilling requirement. A pome fruit like its apple and pear cousins, the quince is a traditional fruit in many cultures, with myriad uses. Heavy crops of large, tart fruit used in baking, jams, and jellies. Profuse, ornamental bloom.
Item#: DB-Qu-Pin
Availability: Taking pre-orders for January. **Subject to grower's availability. Does not ship. Local pick up ONLY.
Sold as = Bare Root
Chill Hours = 300 and cold hardy
Fertility = Self-Fertile
Projected Harvest = August to September

This popular baking fruit is not always available. We are taking pre-orders to reserve the limited availability on the possibility of delivery in January.
If it is not included in our shipment, we will offer an exchange or a refund. 

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