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Raspberry, Nova Red
Baba Red Raspberry

Raspberry, Nova Red

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  • Sold as:Potted, 4" x 4" x 9" container
  • Projected Harvest:Early May-June, can produce in fall.
  • USDA Zones:Best in 3-9, but also does well in 10-11. Hardy to zero degrees
  • Fertility:Self-fruitful
  • Available:Local Pick up ONLY.


Nova was released from the Nova Scotia breeding program in 1981 and is still one of the highest quality raspberries you can grow. This bramble variety produces attractive medium size dark red fruit with a mild flavor. Firm when ripe and very suited for U-pick, fresh market and freezing. Berries ripen gradually over a long harvest season, and have a good shelf life.  Canes are vigorous, growing upright with light spines or few thorns. 

NOTE - this variety has done well in California, and is from Nova Scotia.  Our grower says they will grow here.  We recommend planting this in the cooler and shadier sections of your yard, or adding extra shade.

Bears early May, June. Disease resistant, very cold hardy.

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