Sapote, White #5
White Sapote

Sapote, White #5

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The White Sapote is an evergreen tree and not deciduous, although it can lose leaves if subjected to a freeze. Optimum growth temperature range is 57-88 degrees Fahrenheit, but it will not grow in full shade. The sapotes will require protection from our summer heat for the first couple years until established. 

This tree does have a taproot so they should not be moved once planted in the ground, and will not do well in containers. Established trees are drought resistant, but will need adequate water to produce fruit. Adding potash prior to fruiting and nitrogen prior to vegetative regrowth is suggested for increased yield.

The flesh of white sapotes is custard-like with a taste described as ‘similar to vanilla pudding, or pumpkin pie’. Overripe white sapote can taste like overripe bananas. The skin is bitter and should not be eaten. Do not consume the seeds as they are toxic.

Seedling trees usually begin to bear fruit in about 7 to 8 years.

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