Single Portion Starter Amendments
Single Fruit Tree & Small Garden Starter

Single Portion Starter Amendments

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Pre-measured amendments to help make your tree and bush planting jobs easier. This item is one (1) portion of amendments with 1 ounce Mycorrhizae, 1 pound AZOMITE, and 1 pound Worm Castings. Can also be added to small garden beds before planting seeds or transplants.
2020 UPDATED NOTE: We recommend TWO portions per tree to help give the best success in getting established before the summer temperatures start. For three or more trees, or large garden beds, we suggest getting the Multi Portion Bundle.
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Sold as = Single, pre-portioned bag.
Special Note = Recommended: Two portions for 1 new tree or 2 bushes/vines
Starter amendment mix!
We know that starting a tree in the right soil mixture is the best way to ensure success.

The success of new fruit trees is encouraged if their new hole is prepared correctly.  Greg teaches how to do this in his classes and videos, and this is the mixture of ingredients that he recommends to start with for each new fruit tree. Be sure to read or watch the section about how to dig the hole.

Our Urban Farm Planting Kit - Single Portion Starter Amendments: 
Just what you need to start get started off right: 1 portion of amendments Mycorrhizae, AZOMITE, and Worm Castings. 

    Single Tree Kit = 1 portion      Multi Tree Kit = 5 portions


·         Bare root and citrus trees               2 portion each

·         Small potted trees                         1 portion each

·         Small potted bushes & vines          1 portion each

(1 portion = 1-lb Azomite, 1-lb Worm Castings, & 1-ounce Mycorrhizae)

Note for EACH new tree: We also recommend 1 lb organic fertilizer and 2 bags of Farmer Greg's Planting Mix for planting new trees and then on top in the basin a minimum of 4 bags of Tree Well Top Mulch.

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