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Soils, Amendments, etc.

At The Urban Farm we take every opportunity to teach the most important part of growing healthy food is HEALTHY SOIL.  
  • The Farmer Greg's Planting Starter Kits:  Includes three perfect amendments for any new tree or garden.  Choose from either the Single Tree & Small Garden Starter, or the Multi-Tree & Garden Starter.   
  • Buy 3 get 1 FREE "BOGO" Specials: Available for Farmer Greg's Planting Mix and the Tree Well Top Mulch.  Select this option before purchase.
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Farmer Greg's Planting Mix
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Greg's Tree-Well Top Mulch
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Multi Tree &  Garden Amendment Starter Bundle
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Supermix Fertilizer
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Tank's Pro
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Worm Castings - 5 lbs
In Stock.
Mycorrhizae -  5 oz.
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AZOMITE Trace Mineral Granuals - 5lbs
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Single Fruit Tree & Small Garden Amendments Starter
$7.50  $6.00
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AZOMITE Trace Mineral Granuals - 44 lb bag
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BioFlora Dry Crumbles® FERTILIZER- 50 lb bag
$60.00  $50.00
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Liquid Fish Fertilizer, Noble Gills
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