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Special Order Program - TERMS AND CONDITIONS

 o   Special orders are accepted during the Early Bird Season Only, which ends on the first Saturday in November each year.

o   All order forms & payments must be received by the first Saturday in November.

o   No exchanges or refunds on special orders after the Monday following the order deadline, once our order is committed with the grower. 

o   Payments are accepted through the Urban Farm Fruit Tree Program Shopping Cart at store.urbanfarm.org or in person at one of our tree events. 

o   Special Order Deciduous Trees have unique qualities and rootstocks that require additional micro-climate considerations; however, when grown successfully can be quite rewarding. We recommend you do your research before committing to purchasing these trees and we advise against beginners starting with these trees until more experience is gained.

o   No warranties available on special order trees due to the additional concerns listed above.

o   These bare-root trees typically arrive in a separate shipment in mid-January. They need to be picked up within 2 weeks from notice of arrival.

o  Special Order Trees are typically either 1/2", 5/8" or 3/4" in caliper, but can be larger.

o  We do not deliver or install trees. We do provide education on best planting practices.

o  All trees on the Special Order list are subject to availability from our grower. The Urban Farm does not guarantee delivery, nor we will know about any out-of-stock items until we unpack the shipment. We will refund in full any special-order tree purchase not in the shipment.

o  Individual varieties are limited to 5 trees per shipment; if multiple orders exceed that quantity for a particular variety, only the order(s) for the first five trees will be accepted.