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Tangelo, Minneola* (+) -5 Gallon

Tangelo, Minneola* (+) -5 Gallon

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Potted, 5 gallon

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(+) Cross pollenates with most Mandarins

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Dec to Feb, Strong alternating crops
*One of Greg's favorite trees!
Minneola is a hybrid of Duncan grapefruit and Dancy tangerine produced in Florida by the USDA and named and released in 1931. Most Minneola fruit are characterized by a stem-end neck which tends to make the fruit appear pear or bell-shaped. The fruit is usually fairly large, typically 3 - 3½ inches in diameter. It has a deep red-orange color, a very sweet flavor, and high juice content. The peel is relatively thin, smooth, and tends to adhere to the internal fruit surface. Fruit produced on trees in solid plantings of Minneola are likely to be seedless (or nearly so), while trees in mixed plantings will typically have 7-12 seeds due to the influence of cross-pollination.

Minneola should be harvested late in the season to ensure the fruit reaches a desirable sugar to acid ratio. If left on the tree too long, the following crop will yield less fruit. Minneola trees are quite vigorous, and given adequate room to develop, will make large trees. They also tend to be fairly cold-hardy. Minneola blossoms are self-incompatible and must be cross-pollinated by a suitable pollinator to ensure good fruit set. Most mandarin-types are suitable pollinators, with the exception of Satsumas and Minneola’s siblings, Orlando and Seminole.

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