Tangerine, Clementine* -5 Gallon

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The citrus fruits commonly called Clementines (Citrus reticulata "Clementine") are small, thin-skinned mandarin oranges. The smallest of the mandarins, Clementines average a little over 2 inches in diameter, tending to be a bit wider than tall. Their small size, coupled with the sweet taste of the pulp, means that they are most often eaten as snacks rather than used for canning or juicing. The fruits have bright orange, smooth skin and rich, red pulp.

Clementine trees have a rounded crown formed by the drooping branches. Mandarin trees in general reach a maximum height of about 25 feet and width of 12 feet, although most don't get that large. Clementines can be pruned to remain much smaller, and require less pruning than other citrus trees. They can also be cultivated as bushes rather than trained to grow on one leader as a tree. Although they do best when planted in the ground, Clementines can also be grown in containers. The potted trees usually range between 8 and 11 feet in height.

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