Tangerine, W. Murcott - #05
Tangerine, W. Murcott - #05

Tangerine, W. Murcott - #05

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Item#: CP-Tan-WMur-05
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Sold as = Potted, #5
Projected Harvest = Jan thru May, alternate bearing
The W. Murcott is a late maturing mandarin orange variety imported from Morocco. The fruit ripens from January through May, though the tree may alternate bear. The W. Murcott is a vigorous variety with upright growth habit. The fruit is attractive and medium sized with smooth reddish orange rind and flesh. W. Murcott mandarins are easy to peel and nearly seedless with excellent flavor. Because this fruit has such a thin peel, it is clipped from the tree rather than pulled. The glossy smooth rind clings to the pulp, but it is still easily removed when fresh. The tender flesh houses twelve orange-colored segments with numerous seeds, but there is also an abundance of reddish-orange juice with a mango-like sweetness.

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