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Tank's Green Stuff Organic Compost -1 cubic foot

Tank's Green Stuff Organic Compost -1 cubic foot

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1 cubic foot bag

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Tank’s Green Stuff - 100% Organic Compost 

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This compost is OMRI-Listed and ASCO Verified for organic food crops. Tank’s compost is a soil amendment that is well suited for our soils, made from local materials, and is applicable for any gardening project. It is tested for pH, pathogens, metals, and pesticide residues to make sure Tank’s compost is the best and highest quality available. In addition, it is tested for vital mineral and nutrient content such as: Nitrogen, Sulfur, Sodium, Phosphorus, Potassium, and many more to ensure that plants raised using our compost will be the healthiest they can be. Our compost is made using only locally derived landscape debris, organic manure, organic elemental sulfur, and Bactifeed beneficial microbes. Compost can be used in gardens, on grass, as a soil amendment, or as a component of a soil mixture.

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