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Tropical Fruit Trees

THIS IS A PARTIAL LIST!  In addition to the items below, we will have a nice selection of 1-gallon tropical fruit trees available during January.  We bring these in addition to our fruit tree program, all of these are considered advanced or in need of additional care or micro-climates, and therefore do not qualify for the Fruit Tree Program Guarantee. Due to the nature of these smaller 1-gallon potted plants, we will not be taking pre-orders, they will be available on-lot only, and as long as supplies last.  

Please read up on these listed varieties to know which ones you prefer. We are not claiming any expertise on these fruits.
  • Loquats:  Delicious, and can do well in the full sun after first couple years.  We do have 5 and 15 gallons listed below for pre-purchase (limited quantity) of Big Jim, Strawberry and Gold Nugget varieties. in 1 gallon size, we have: Big Jim, Gold Nugget, Jim's White, and Long Vista White
  • Guava: Again, these too are reported do well in the full sun after first couple years and they get established.  We do have 5 gallons listed below for pre-purchase (while supplies last), but with a large selection of varieties.  In 1 gallon size, we have Xali, Ruby Supreme, and Benjamin White
  • Passion Fruit Vines: We will have two varieties to choose from in the 1-gallon size: Purple or Yellow
  • White Sapote:  We have a nice group of these in the 1-gallon size.
  • Dragon Fruit: A popular new fruit in many stores and fruit drinks recently.  This strange looking fruit with a surprising interior is actually from a cactus plant.  We will have 1 gallons in American Beauty, Lisa, P. Thompson, and Physical Beauty varieties. 

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