Trees & Plants

We will NOT ship or deliver any of our trees and plants. Any item listed in the category "TREES & PLANTS" is considered pick-up only. We are a local pop-up nursery built around an education program to assist new and beginner urban growers in building a healthy and productive fruit source in their own space.  Our education program is free, and the fruit trees are mostly pre-ordered for customer pick up at the pop-up nursery site.  We take pride in the relationship we build with our customers and the hands-on service during pick-up is an opportunity to further educate and assist the valued members of our program.

Bulky, Large Items

We will NOT ship or deliver any of the bulky or large items such as the bagged mulch or planting mix. Some of the items listed in the General Store Category that we will not ship are in the following subcategories:



Shipping selected in error

We do our best to prevent orders with above listed items for shipping. Unfortunately, technology sometimes allows these order to be processed.  Regardless, we will not be able to ship any of those items.  We will process those orders as follows:

  • If the order is intended for pick up, and the shipping selection is an error, we will give full credit for the charges applied.
  • If the order is intended for shipping of above listed items (despite our posted policy and multiple declarations on various pages), the order will be subject to our cancellation policy as described in our terms and conditions.