Drip Circle
Drip Circle

Drip Circle

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Expandable drip irrigation solution for trees. 

The easiest form of watering for trees is flood irrigation, but that is not an option for most people.  If irrigation lines are your method, then your trees need water all around the tree, not just in one or two spots.  The ring at edge of tree shadow at noon is called a 'drip line' as that is where rain would tend to drip off the leaves.  This is also where we should be watering.  To meet that need, we've added this new tool to our store.  The drip Circle is a special irrigation circle with 16 spaced out drip emitters that provide 1/2 gallon/hour each of water for your trees or bushes.  It comes wound close for new trees, but as tree drip lines expand out, the circle can be unwound to form a larger circle. 

NOTE: this is for use on standard drip irrigation systems and is not adaptable for drip tape.

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