Drip Tape 100 ft
Drip Tape 100 ft

Drip Tape 100 ft

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Drip Tape - An extremely useful way to water your gardens. 


Pick up at your Local Hardware or Big Box Store:

  • 5/8 Poly tubing (measure from water supply up to and in garden bed)

  • 90’ elbows & T’s (as necessary to direct and split) 

  • Timer (If not already installed)

  • Valve (if not already installed)

  • Quick connect (to allow removal and replacement of chlorine filter)

  • Optional: 

    • Red Wire for securing 

    • Caps for poly tube (*see below for simple alternative)

Pick up from Store.UrbanFarm.org/irrigation 

  • Drip Tape - (comes in 100 ft sections)

  • Drip Connectors/Barbed Tape Loc connector - Poly to Drip  (1 for every foot wide your gardens are, Doubled if polytube is in center)

  • Repair Couplers (1 or 2 for just-in-case repairs)

  • 10psi Pressure Reducer (1 per valve)

  • Chlorine Filters

    • Hose Ready

    • Replacement internal filters - (approx 1 / yr)

ORDER OF INSTALL - With Water Flow

  1. Water supply

  2. Chlorine Filter

  3. Timer & Valve

  4. Quick Connect

  5. 10 psi Pressure Reducer (MUST HAVE!)

  6. 5/8 Poly tubing to the garden bed(s) 

  7. 5/8 Poly Tubing the short way across the bed(s)

  8. Sections of drip tape long ways across the garden bed


With 5/8 Poly tubing

  1. Fold over approx 2” of end of tubing at end

  2. wrap closed with red wire

With Drip Tape

  1. Cut a 2" piece of drip tape

  2. Fold over the last ~2 inches of the open end of the drip tape line

  3. Fold again

  4. Slip the 2" piece over the folded end.

  5. Voila! You have an effective cap in seconds!

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