Drip TAPE - Starter Kit
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Drip TAPE - Starter Kit

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Another EPIC find for our Gardens and Orchards! This Kit will start you off for a 4' x 25' garden bed. This is a favorite watering system for professional farmers. A flat tube with laser cut holes every 8 inches delivers water consistently across the whole length of tubing. Primarily for use in garden areas, excellent solution for orchards needing slow, application over larger areas. Video Link below.
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Sold as = Starter kit with drip tape and basic supplies to start off a simple drip tape system.
Special Note = Additional parts in Irrigation category.

Click HERE to check out this video to see Farmer Greg and our friend Jake Mace put a drip tape system together. 

Included in this kit

  • 100 ft - Drip Tape

  • 5 - Poly to Drip connectors. These 'Barbs' are used to connect the drip tape lines to the poly tubing.

  • 1 - Repair Couplers (just-in-case)

  • 1 - 10psi Pressure Reducer


Pick up at your Local Hardware or Big Box Store:

  • 5/8 Poly tubing (measure from water supply up to and in garden bed)

  • 90’ elbows & T’s (as necessary to direct and split) 

  • Timer (If not already installed)

  • Valve (if not already installed)

  • Quick connect (to allow removal and replacement of chlorine filter)

  • Optional: 

    • Red Wire for securing 

    • Caps for poly tube (*see below for simple alternative)

ORDER OF INSTALL - With Water Flow

  1. Water supply

  2. Chlorine Filter

  3. Timer & Valve

  4. Quick Connect

  5. 10 psi Pressure Reducer (MUST HAVE!)

  6. 5/8 Poly tubing to the garden bed(s) 

  7. 5/8 Poly Tubing the short way across the bed(s)

  8. Sections of drip tape long ways across the garden bed


With 5/8 Poly tubing

  1. Fold over approx 2” of end of tubing at end

  2. wrap closed with red wire

With Drip Tape

  1. Cut a 2" piece of drip tape

  2. Fold over the last ~2 inches of the open end of the drip tape line

  3. Fold again

  4. Slip the 2" piece over the folded end.

  5. Voila! You have an effective cap in seconds!

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