Grow Bag, GreenEra
Grow Bag and 2 coco peat disks

Grow Bag, GreenEra

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GreenEra Grow Bags

A fabric grow bag and 2 compressed coco peat disk inserts that expand with water to be an ideal medium.  These bags can be set out alone or placed inside the decorative container of your choice.  They work for any container worthy plants that do not grow a large tap root. 

Scientifically designed felt grow bags encourage root development: tiny root fibers can actually grow through the fiber surround, and the tender tips will “air prune” themselves, encouraging new hair-sized root development inside the bag and forestalling the unhealthy “root-bound” conditions that evolve in hard-side pots over time.

GreenEra Bags arrive ready-to-hydrate, and can go from unwrapping to planting in less than 1 hour.

Use GreenEra Grow Bags to Create Your:


•             Salad Garden: Lettuce, herbs and tomatoes in a single bag

•             Cutting Garden: flowers to cut for arrangements without denuding your landscape

•             Veggie/Fruit Garden: Large Bags support a wide range of berries and vegetables in a single bed

•             Seasonal blooming planter, as mid-sized bags can be placed inside decorative pots for display


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